As business leaders who care deeply for our community and want to secure Miami’s continued growth as a great global city, we established the Partnership for Miami to champion Miami’s progress. Our goal is to contribute to a Miami that works for all.

The Partnership for Miami is a nonprofit organization comprising business leaders acting in the civic interest to build a world-class Miami that works for all. We facilitate thoughtful collaborations among partners from the private, public, and civic sectors, bridging gaps to advance progress for our community. The Partnership works with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including grassroots organizations, researchers, policymakers, and philanthropists, to develop and implement solutions to ensure Miami is a place of economic opportunity, global innovation, and world-class arts and culture.


The Partnership for Miami aims to contribute to a future Miami that:

Works for everyone

enabling citizens to enjoy a high quality of life, receive good-quality education and healthcare, feel safe, have rewarding careers, live in housing that is affordable, commute to work in a reasonable amount of time, access high-quality recreation, and enjoy a healthy, beautiful natural environment

Becomes a great global city—

not by copying the models of other cities but by building on the strengths, assets, and aspirations that make us uniquely Miami

Celebrates its diverse, cosmopolitan population

and fosters collaboration among private, public, and social sectors to further the civic good

Develops a vibrant and growing economy

that builds on the region’s strengths in real estate, tourism, hospitality, and healthcare, and extends into growing industries of the future

Has the courage to solve problems

proactively and for the long term

Builds a globally recognized brand

and solidifies its position as the hemispheric hub for business, trade, culture, and talent