We are business leaders acting in the civic interest to build a world-class Miami that works for everyone.

Miami is on the cusp of cementing its status as a truly global city, thanks to successive generations of visionary civic leaders and tenacious residents. Ensuring this growth benefits all Miamians requires intention and accountability. As business leaders who care deeply for our community, we established the Partnership for Miami to contribute to a Miami that works for all.

We envision a Miami that balances growth and affordability, champions smart development, shores up school systems and government institutions, and maintains the natural and built environment to ensure it is thriving and resilient for decades to come.

MIAMI 2035

We believe that through thoughtful collaboration with a range of stakeholders, we can create a Miami that is prosperous and thriving for all its residents. Our report, A Miami That Works for All, provides research and analysis on the attributes of world-class metropolises, gauges Miami’s performance, identifies new opportunities, and puts forward a set of potential actions to ensure our community reaches its full potential.



By 2035, at least 175,000 new housing units—especially affordable and workforce housing—will be needed. Bold, integrated housing and mobility strategies are required to meet this need and ensure Miami remains a place of opportunity with high quality of life.


The recent launch of the Better Bus Network and the long-anticipated arrival of Tri-Rail in downtown Miami are important milestones for Miami’s public transit ecosystem. Capitalizing on recent momentum is imperative to unlocking further economic growth and expanding opportunities for all residents.


Miami’s educational ecosystem is one of the nation’s largest and, in 2023, the city’s public school graduation rate reached 90%, making it the best among peers in the United States. There remains ample opportunity to improve our community’s educational attainment. By expanding high-quality seats, investing in efforts that attract and retain excellent educators, and growing the collegiate STEM pipeline, Miami can expand upward mobility, create a dynamic workforce, and fuel its innovation economy.